4 сентября 2009 г.

Pardon my english ;-)

We have no Internet at home yet, so I can't write much... especially in Russian ;-) Sorry... will be back ASAP! )
Don't forget to check the blog for updates! ;-)
Love you all :-*

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  1. А мы то думали, что вы от Икеи до сих пор отойти не можете :)

  2. Hey Katya and Sergey, so……here you are! It’s overwhelming to realize you are so far and yet so close. Indeed, pictures of your dwelling area look very similar to Moscow, but the center of Toronto is a different story. As for the choice of electronics, sad to say, but Russia is out of any competition, here Sw. is also rather simple. But I am sure, you’ll get used to it as the quality is usually high anyways. Apartment looks very functional, spacious and cozy, happy and proud you found it so fast in a new place! Groovy! Wish you all the luck in settling down there and don’t forget to update us with more news and fresh pictures. All love and cuddles. Take good care there and stay cool.